Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scarface, 1932

Starring , , and
Directed Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson
Written by Ben Hecht and related work by a lot of other people

This is a classic tale of mobsters going from bad to worse during prohibition. Paul Muni (mostly unknown now) turns in quite a performance as Tony Camonte; George Raft is his best friend; and Ann Dvorak is Cesca, his sister. It goes from being a gangster movie to something almost Shakespearean at the end. There's a scene near the end where people "talk past" each other until one of them realizes what's happening, which is almost unimaginable to see in a movie like this. Certainly worth it for that, if not strictly for its historical value in the history of gangster movies.

Scarface at IMDB.

Rinaldo (George Raft) and Tony (Paul Muni)


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