Friday, September 20, 2013

Idiocracy, 2006

Directed by Mike Judge
Written by Etan Cohen and Mike Judge
Starring Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph

This is a really funny, genuinely subversive, dystopian comedy. The script is great, and it's full of quotable lines. The conception of the future rings true, which is why it's so funny, and yet actually creepy and off-putting under further scrutiny. The music is delightful. Luke Wilson is completely on the money as the everyman who is elevated by the decline of everything around him, and continually appalled by what he sees. And it has that Mad-magazine (or perhaps Doug Kenney), "every detail is funny" look. Yes, there are plot holes and things don't make sense, but just watch as if you were from the future and you won't notice those. Or watch these to obliterate your memory.

And it's in The Pantheon.

Also, you can tell that Jon Stewart loves this movie
(L-R: Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary
of Education, Secretary of Commerce, Attorney General)

Idiocracy at IMDB.


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