Sunday, October 20, 2013

America's Sweethearts, 2001

It's a comedy about Hollywood insiders and A-list types by Hollywood insiders and A-list types; sometimes it feels like it's for them, too. It's pretty funny, though entirely predictable, so the pleasure comes from primarily from watching the actors do things that they do well. John Cusack is the ripped-up, neurotic ex; Catherine Zeta-Jones is the imperious self-involved primadonna; Julia Roberts is the lovable good egg; Billy Crystal is the long-suffering wisecracker. Stanley Tucci, Hank Azaria, Seth Green, and Christopher Walken are all fun, too. It's like a bag of chips -- enjoyable, but not a meal.

Directed by
Written by and
Starring  , , and

It's surprising, but Christopher Walken
plays kind of an oddball.


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