Sunday, August 7, 2011

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, 1999

Directed by Jay Roach
Written by Mike Myers and Michael McCullers
Starring Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Mindy Sterling, Verne Troyer, and Seth Green

This is my favorite of these movies. It introduces Mini-Me, and all of the business with Verne Troyer is very funny. The opening bit with Elizabeth Hurley and then the credits is great; admittedly, the very first few minutes of the third one is better -- up to when the Steven Spielberg double does handsprings and joins the dancers is better, but that one goes on too long. The "love" scene with Dr. Evil and Frau Farbissina is awesome. And Tim Robbins' cameo is also top-notch.

I like Fat Bastard less than some, and thought Heather Graham was okay, but the romance or personal in this series has always been secondary and, frankly, sometimes a little maudlin.

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